SunN​.​Y​.​'s Revenge

by SunIzOut

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SunIzOut released his latest Album "SunN.Y.'s Revenge". Its not about the paper, Nas said it best "You do this with or without a deal". By the tone, Sun is showing again his love for The Culture overrides all!!! The highlight records like "One Leaf Dutch produced by DJ Nugz is RAW in texture of sound and vibe! The track takes you for a smoked out ride through Rochester, NY's SouthWest side of town. While the hustling stoner, sips Champagne and gives insight to his campaign! "Ghetto Gossip" the lead single is a tale of a hustlers passion for an escape out. Until then his faith in the back streets of Rochester just seems more promising. "Killa Blues", lets just say you had to be there.
The production line up stars the leading pitcher The Kid Nigel hailing from The Chi. Known for producing on Book Of Daniel, SunN.Y.'s previous release. Nigel lead that project as well with the single "I Am I", to return and do "Ghetto Gossip" and "Tables Turn" ft. World Famous DJ Ease!

Sun reached out to fellow 585er Coach Parsells who crafted "Killa Blues and "Lets Talk About It" which we feel is the STAND OUT RECORD on "SunN.Y.'s Revenge". With a jewel dropped by The World Famous Madd DJ, DJ NABS! Not to say SunN.Y. may be looking for a lil commercial love with this one, but if a BIGGER artist had this exact track and rhyme they'd have a song for the SPRING/SUMMER SEASON! The closer produced by non other World Famous DJ Shakim, "PTSD" (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a personal view of how "The Life" and making an adjustment from The Street to Legitimizing your lifestyle can take its toll. Along with the everyday struggles brother, sister, and the people endure. The Sun don't shine forever, while its here Hip Hop & SunN.Y. will Shine together. The Sun. Iz. Out. once again and we don't see it setting no time soon...


released February 16, 2018

Thank you to the fans.


all rights reserved



SunN.Y. Atlanta, New York

For SunN.Y. "Book of Daniel written by Sun Born" feels like a debut album! Its as personal as he's been as artist. Channeling "Sun Born" for the writing on this project may sound weird, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves and others exactly what makes us today! With time comes growth, with age is wisdom! This reflects on Book Of Daniel! ... more

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Track Name: One Leaf Dutch
Hook: La dada day la dada day day repeat 3x
Got my self a Uzi and my brother a nine

Breezing thru the slush in a Acura MDX
Doing 30 down Jeff on Columbia make a left
so cold (COLD) you can see the grim reaper’s breath
he in a pair of ACGs with the Nike Tech Sweats
right leg big enough that he can hold down tech
assault rifle flow wake up anybody who slept
no matter my success I still collect my debt
as I collect my thought over a blunt and Moët
cause what you see is what you getting, what you getting is authentic
if I said it than I meant it
Tell Shane Smith to print it
(this nigga bugging)... naw you ain’t seen bugging yet
til you seen 60 yankee caps thuggin on ya set
(OH SHIT) return fire like mail back a sender
I’m out for revenge I’ll be gone til November if a tree fall and nobody yells timber
Nigga WHAT??? My bad that’s just some high never mind shit
everybody yelling woke but still hella blind when I bus it stay behind the yellow line. PEACE!


Written by: SunIzOut
Produced by: DJ Nugz
Track Name: PTSD (Post Traumatic Street Disorder)
Back when I was growing up
I was labeled a Fat Fuck
I was nice with the bars, but shaped like Bad Lucc
good looks wit a gut
it just wasn't adding up
had enough of Doritos no more of the sodas
avocados & water bottles
joints of good doja
nothing lets than a 5K when running with the soldiers
squats and calisthenics running the game over
on my Herschel walkers
fresh kicks out of Walters
strong arm a grooms bride on her walk to the Alter
bitche got good sense I really can't fault her she creep,
like a 90’s hit from outta jeep
said she got a stable nigga but for me she’ll leap
while he's at the after hour thinking she sleep
we on a park side street
her throat game deep
she chose him over me cause she thinks that I’m cheap
well I ain’t buying red bottoms for a bitch every week
four nights out of seven We ain't going to eat
she was like: “see mannn you got morals and respect”
To myself: “I'm like mannn keep this dick in yo neck
and that nigga that you with, he is just another check
after all he ain't shit and I’m out for the grind”
she was like: “I like niggas like you, you my kind”
I was like: “yeah bitch Sun Shine.. and I’m a do it all, in due time.”

Hook: I can’t put the Mary Jane away,
my nigga won’t put the thang away,
My homies won’t put the game away,
So life just carries on, on... (lets get this money man)

2nd verse:
I'm two cool/
like Dusse shots over a few cubes/
this needs a few views/
On VEVOs and YouTube/
with agent orange in office we all on code Blue/
i'on know if they told you, I'm type to take a knee/
not the one to squill nor go to court and take a plea/
it's a lot of house niggas you can offer them a fee/
they sleep, in a sunken place without offering tea/
I ain't talking NFL you can offer them a G
I know niggas who kill niggas offer a key
what you have here is oppression vs survival
perfect poison to make one people a rival
easy to do dividing, when you do the division make'em feel pitiful, put'em in critical positions
This asshole we got on television
He on real mission
put its in political prison
but you' hear me though, yo vision is clearly blinded
you chose sides when you remained silent that’s acting all surprise when we violent
but it's cool to riot
burn cop cars afterbcollege games
but can’t protest our name!!! (our name)
how many more brains blown on mamas gown
punk ass white boy patrolling my town
I hold this open like a four pound
Hope this muhfucka clap you right now...

Hook: I can’t put the Mary Jane away,
my nigga won’t put the thang away,
My homies won’t put the game away,
So life just carries on, on... (lets get this money man)

Written by SunIzOut
Produced by DJ Shakim